Ruwenzori View Guest House

Rwenzori-ViewRuwenzori View Guest House is a budget accommodation but as comfortable as any safari lodge can be. It’s strategically built overlooking the Rwenzori Mountains a sight that is undeniable breath taking on sight. It’s a calm and tranquil area for relaxation; you can watch various types of birds as you enjoy a drink or read a book. The Guest house was built and founded by a Dutch couple. It hosts many guests coming from different parts of the world, the kind that would love a unique adventure.

The guest house is located in Boma, one of the many communities of Fort Portal town but also developing. The guest house is right next one of the busy local market, neighbouring the town center as well as the post office.
Facilities offered at the guest house include;

Ruwenzori View Guest HouseThey have 6 self contained rooms along with

–  1 family room en-suite.

– They have double, twin and single beds at an affordable rate.

– There are three non self contained rooms with have toilets and bathrooms and of course excellent sanitation. comfortable beds,

– There is nothing more comforting like having clean bathrooms at your disposal

–  Warm and cold water running all day long.

–  Solar power is on throughout the day.

Each room has a private veranda close to the garden, a wonderful place to sit and relax as you enjoy the evening. You will delight in the sounds of the birds as you go to bed.

The meals are served in courses and well prepared by an expert chef who will wow you with both local and international cuisine according to your taste as you will dine at the guest house. Special dishes can be prepared for example special dinners for couple, families, and organizations, among others. It’s a comfortable place to stay after a day’s travel and activities at for the day.